Wednesday, May 30, 2007
An interesting little development
It's a neighborhood feud!! Damn - I'm gonna miss all the fireworks too...because this little tiff is just starting. These things ALWAYS percolate for a while before they hit the roiling boil. Damn Damn DAMN.

and such an entertaining little spat as well.

Mind you - I didn't clearly hear the words that were exchanged...just the yelling. But it went down something like this:

I was washing dishes and watching the world go by outside my kitchen window. Cute little birds were frolicking in the bushes, while sweet bunnies were nibbling at my grass. Like a stinkin' Disney cartoon out there. But then - the fun began. My neighbor across the street exited his house with his dog, preparing to go out for their nightly stroll. We'll call him Dumper.

They made it about 20 feet before the dog decided he had to take a dump...on the next-door neighbor's lawn. We'll call him Dumpee. Dumper patiently waited for the dog to do his business, then continued with the walk. He left the smelly mess on Dumpee's freshly mowed lawn.

He had just disappeared around the corner, when Dumpee emerged from his house and looked at the poop on his yard. He looked left, he looked right, he looked at MY HOUSE (I ducked), and went back inside. He came back out almost immediately with a purpose to his step and a pissed off look on his face. His hands were covered by two baggies. Curious - I watched as he walked over to the dog shit, stooped over, PICKED IT UP in his baggied hands, and brought it over to Dumper's house, depositing it on his front step. Turning, he glanced up and down the street again (I ducked again), and trotted back home.

Geez. I hoped he washed his hands.

So. Seeing this little mini-drama unfold, I quickly finished the dishes, grabbed the lawn chairs, the kids, a margarita, their scooters, and went outside.

I know a good time when I see it.

It really was a pretty evening out. The sun was just starting to set, and the kids were whizzing up and down the street on their scooters, oblivious to my nosy little soiree. By and by...Dumper came home.

The dog found the poop first. He ran up the walk to their house and stopped to sniff the present left by Dumpee. Dumper walked up and just stood there, looking at the turd that just magically appeared out of nowhere. He looked across the street at me. I waved a cheery little hello. After all... I didn't do it.

He glanced at the spot that his dog had originally left the stuff. Apparently - he decided that the crap did NOT magically sprout legs and walk back to his front door because he suddenly marched back inside with the dog in-tow.

I waited. But not for long!

He came back out with a poop shovel and scooped it up. I figured he was going to dispose of it like he should have in the first place -- but no. He flung it onto Dumpee's lawn and went back inside his house, shutting the door firmly.

Apparently Dumpee was watching. He came out the door like a shot with two new baggies over his hands. He picked up the pieces of poop and walked back over to Dumper's house. I thought he was going to place it back on his front step.

But I was wrong.

Dumpee SMASHED it onto Dumper's front door, and was halfway back to his house when Dumper burst out of his house with a great big "HEY!"

And then they started cussing at each other so I had to bring my kids back inside. I mean - I love a good argument, but I can't have my kids hearing that language.

By the time I got the kids inside and back to my window to watch - the neighbor's were nose to nose and their respective wives were trying to pull them away. Dumper's dog was in their window watching as well. I think he was laughing. After much finger shaking and griping, they each went inside.

I cannot WAIT for tomorrow's walk!

edit alert

It should also be noticed that I finally FINALLY remembered to update my blog list. If I missed you on there, please let me know so that I can adjust my link list. I'll get to it....eventually. Just ask the people that I added today. I'll do it - just don't know when. Oh - and my new list? It's not necessarily in order. So if you think I didn't add you - make sure you check first to make sure I just didn't type over an old link to add yours!! :-p

This edit alert brought to you courtesy of the blunk-drogging Norman
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