Thursday, May 24, 2007
So how was your day?
I found out today that my heart is able to go from a perfectly normal heartbeat rate to GINORMOUSLY FAST in .2 seconds flat.

See, it's like this: I was sitting in my office working on my computer - when I heard a faint scratching noise. I've been stockpiling some boxes in my office to bring home for when we move. The noises seemed to be coming from the boxes.

I work in a metal building (kinda like some of the school gymnasiums you see), and we have fields surrounding us. It's not unusual for mice to make it inside a building. Actually - it's quite common. That doesn't mean I have to LIKE having mice in my office.

The noises were slight, and muffled. I could hear soft bumping sounds as the rodent made itself comfy in my pile of flattened boxes. I finally worked up the nerve to roust it.

Bravely - I climbed on top of my desk and poked at the boxes with a broom handle - pilfered from the janitor's closet. The noises ceased. Then the bumping sounds started back up at a more frantic pace. I guessed the mouse was trying to hide. Gathering a better toe-hold on the edge of my desk, I leaned forward and poked harder.

The SNAKE that shot out from under the boxes was making a beeline for my office door, but I beat it there because I had the advantage of launching myself off my desk, therefore avoiding the chair that the damn reptile had to slither around. I also managed to fly across the lobby area of our offices without touching the ground once.

The meeting going on in the adjacent conference room came to an abrupt halt as I wailed past. Three confused co-workers poked their heads out to watch. According to them, I was trying to climb the wall. I don't believe it.

And the snake? Slithered out. For parts unknown. I know not where it went. I only know it was greenish in color. Maybe it ate the mouse.
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