Friday, October 19, 2007
Have I mentioned that we have an assload of trees in our backyard? Well, we've been busy being lumberjacks, and have cut down 7 cedars, because they're choking out the other trees. We still have 30 trees in our yard. I know this because I counted.

30 trees in our back yard makes our beagle dog verrreee tired because every time it rains, he has to run around re-marking his territory. That poor dog is about ready to fall over by the time he's done. He also has to take a break and 'refuel' by guzzling water out of his dish halfway thru. It's quite entertaining to watch.

So one night, my man and I were sitting outside watching the dog do his thing. The mister was drinking beer, and I had my favorite beverage, The Margarita, as well. Watching the dog, I remarked that it would be funny if we went and followed him around with the water hose spraying off his mark spots. Next thing I knew, my man was up and running after the dog. PISSING on the area the dog had just done. He followed the path my poor puppy had taken and peed on as much as he could.

If dogs could cry -- my dog was sobbing.

Hands off ladies, he's mine.
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