Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Wow. I've never had THIS happen before. Kinda freaky! I was just sitting here, at the computer trying to retype a post when the room started spinning on me. Now it just seems to sway back & forth. This is really strange? What an odd feeling. I haven't been drinking, I've eaten dinner.. I'm not sick... I didn't move my head suddenly. This is so freaking weird. What could cause this?

hmm. Now I'm feeling seasick. Anybody had this happen to them before?

seasick norman who thinks she probably needs to go to bed now.

***I had a different entry to post, and I was one comma away from it being done, when blogger went down. I don't think I'm going to attempt to retype that entry, since the content was probably just a smidge bit of "TMI".
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