Wednesday, February 01, 2006
I truly am, an e-vile creature
Have you ever thought back on various things that you have done, and regretted them? I have! There are lots of things I remember doing that I am very sorry for. But, I have no way of contacting these people to tell them I'm sorry. In the past, people would have to bear these wrong-doings and their regret in silence, but no more! I've decided that I can apologize to these people on my blog. Maybe somebody will do a search and find my apology! So here they are, my past regrets complete with apology! And yes - I'm going back as far as I remember...

To the little boy in Ft. Sill Oklahoma at the nursery (circa 1974)

I'm really very sorry that I kicked you in the face as hard as I could and broke your nose. I still remember the blood. And I'm sorry that I lied to the nursery lady that ran up and told her that you'd punched yourself on purpose.

To the little girl in Ft. Sill Oklahoma at the babysitters (circa 1975)

I'm sorry that my friends and I chased you with sticks because we had lollypops and you didn't. If it makes you feel better, we got put in the corner and our lollypops got confiscated...

To my little cousin's friend in Arlington, TX (circa 1978)

Sorry we pushed you off the slide and into the pool during the month of January. We actually really did know that you couldn't fly and would in fact, fall into the icy water.

To Jimmy Clark in San Antonio, TX (circa 1984)

Um.... really sorry about putting that tack in your chair. I didn't tell you who had actually done it because you bled so bad. I was SCARED dude!! How was I supposed to know you had a clotting disorder??

To the cheerleader I went to school with, who is now a bestselling author that I won't name, but can't get through to her because her number is unlisted... (did ya get that?) (circa 1987)

I'm sorry I put ketchup on your cheerleading skirt and told everyone you'd started your period, but dammit!! You were such a bitch and so snobby that I just wanted to bring you down a notch and... Forget it. I'm still proud of that episode. She was a snotty bitch.

To the various convenience stores that I cased and conducted beer runs on (circa 1988-1990)

Sorry!! Kinda!

Ok. That's it for now! If I remember some other ones, I'll be sure to purge my conscience online for all to see and judge!

Phew! I feel better. Nothing like a good purging to get my spirits up! Oh - that and battling snotty little commentors like the one in my last post. Wonder who that was? Oh well. Nobody important I'm sure. Maybe it was someone I had wronged in the past??

Don't forget to do my Frappr Map if you haven't already!! And thanks to those who have! I don't feel like such a lonely blognerd anymore. Now I'm just a blognerd...
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