Friday, March 31, 2006
I'm wondering if I should link this post under the "Ghost Posts". We had a very strange thing happen last night, and if it WAS a ghostly occurence, I'm gonna kick me some ghost ass.

About 3:00am, I woke up to a loud thump and clonk. The thump and clonk sound was directly to my side. Now, let me give you a brief overview of the logistics of my bedroom. We have a three bedroom house, which means, the older two kids each have their own room, and the baby still bunks with us. Next to my bed. When she starts to sleep consistently through the night, I'm going to move her in with her older sister. But for now, she sleeps in our room. Anyway, the thump and clonk came from the side of the room where the baby sleeps. When she wakes up at night, I instantly wake up as well. It's just a mommy thing. However - last night, all I heard was thump and clonk. The thump was her hitting the floor. The clonk was her head hitting the side of my bed. Then the screaming began. Hers. Mine. My husband trying to make us be quiet.

I turned the light on to check her out, make sure nothing was broken - the whole nine yards. Aside from a goose egg on her skull, she was just fine. So I calmed her and myself down, and looked at the crib. Very strange. Nothing was out of place. In fact, the more I thought about it, the stranger it seems. Since she is in our room, we place a blanket on the crib rail to block light so that she won't wake up easily as my husband and I go in and out of the bedroom after she goes to sleep. The blanket was still in place. Now - if she had hauled herself out of the crib, that blanket should have fallen to the floor. It was in the same position that we had placed it. So unless she somehow grew springs in her feet and JUMPED out of the crib, how the hell did she fall out?? Eh?? Answer that for me!!! The second strange thing is, how quiet she was. When she wakes up, she grunts, she squeaks, she cries a little bit. Not last night. It's almost as if she was picked up while sleeping, and dropped to the floor. In which case I'm very very very angry with this ghost. Why would anyone want to hurt a baby? A sleeping baby? MY BABY?!

So today, I went and bought a crib tent. It's a net that you basically wrap around the crib to prevent young Houdinis from The Great Escape. That freaking thing cost $75.00. But at least she'll be secure. I hope.

God. Everytime I think about her falling out last night, I cringe. She could have snapped her neck... she could have cracked her head open on the side of my bed (it's got a wooden rail on the bottom that she hit). So many could'ves happened in like.... 5 seconds last night. I'm just thankful she's okay. But I'm still suspicious as to HOW it happened...

So what do you guys think... ghostly occurence or Houdini kid?

**make sure you tell me if you think it's ghostly... that way I'll know if I should link it to the ghost post button.

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