Thursday, March 02, 2006
Like I needed another obsession. I've been playing with this for the past hour (since the kids went to bed).

I think I've beaten it about 25% of the time, but damn!! Just when I think I've fooled it - it WINS!

Yes I know. Sucky post - but I tell ya. I'm OBSESSED WITH FOOLING THIS GAME NOW!

And again... sucky post I know - but I'm kinda blah-ish today. It has to do with work. It really REALLY sucks that I can't even vent about it. Pisser. The only thing I can tell you about work today is that I went into the women's bathroom and someone had pooed down the OUTSIDE of the toilet bowl. How the hell did that happen? Simply disgusting. I thought women were supposed to be neater than that... And you know what?? After that sight - my day didn't get much better.

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