Sunday, February 26, 2006
Sunday Six
Stolen from Tammy, who stole it from Missing JT Snow:

I've asked my children the following questions. Remember - Ashton is 7 and Ethan is 4. I would ask Avery but she's napping (I love naptime)

OK - Here's the game: The idea is to post answers to the following six questions, but the trick is to get your kids to answer them! If you don't have kids, use your imagination... Get your pet, co-worker, neighbor, your elderly family member, roommate, significant other, etc. Better yet... Try to answer them yourself like you are a 5 year old! This week's theme is school.

1. Why do we go to school?

Ashton - So we can learn. Why?
Ethan - What? Because I love everybody in my school. why?

2. What is your favorite subject in school?

Ashton - hmmmm. Eating (must be lunch) and exercise (gym)
Ethan - What? Popcorn!

3. How do we learn new things?

Ashton - Listen. (big grin)
Ethan - What? In Church!

4. Do you (or do you think you will) like your teacher?

Ashton - mmmhmmm.. she's nice
Ethan - What? Yes.

5. How do you get to school?

Ashton - What do you mean? Mommy! Stop typing my answers! giggles and falls over
Ethan - What? In the car, you sillyhead.

6. What does it mean to make straight A's

Ashton - good grades. giggle giggle giggle. you're still typing.
Ethan - Oh. I know this one. It means you have to hold your crayon real still and draw it really straight and not have wiggly sides because then your A looks cold.

Didja play?
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