Wednesday, March 01, 2006
This was fun...
I was over at Steve's Nude Memphis Blog. Have you ever visited there? It's a funny blog - and he's added over on my blog list. Go drop in on him! He's crazy! Anyway - he had a link on his blog for this:

Facial Recognition Software


Here's what you do. You go to this site, and click the Try it Now button. It will ask you to register. No big deal. All they want is name & e-mail info (use a fake one if you want)... but this is FREE! You upload a photo of yourself, and click the option for the Celebrity Database.

I had so much fun!! I uploaded 3 photos of myself. While it DID give me a minor ego boost on some of it's celebrity matches - there was one celebrity that popped up for all three of my pictures. My husband says he agrees with it.

According to this software - I look most like Debra Winger. HAHAHHAHAHAAA!! I personally don't see the resemblance, but my husband flipped out. "YOU DO!! YOU DO LOOK LIKE HER!!" eh?? I've always thought she was kinda ugly, so I guess it must be true.

Some of the other 'resemblances' it gave me were: (and here's where the ego boost comes in - but don't worry, I don't believe it. I think their database was drinking)

Alyson Hannigan - That's the "One Time At Band Camp..." girl. I actually do kinda look like her.. more so than Debra Winger in my opinion!!
Cybill Shepherd - except I'm much nicer
Juliette Lewis - I kind of got offended over that one. She's WEIRD. I know I'm weird - but she's BEYOND WEIRD
Madeline Stowe - ego boost!
Jodie Foster - ego boost!
Eva Longoria - MAJOR ego boost!
Kelly Clarkson - I've actually had someone tell me I look like her - but I don't see it
Sinead O'Conner - Except I have hair
Charlize Theron - Ego boost! (hopefully not from the "Monster" movie)

All the above ego boosts are credited to the database programmer who obviously was doing tequila shots..

Some of the funnier comparables were:

David Schwimmer
Maurice Chevalier
Jason Donovan
Chloe Sevigny

So let me know if you tried it - and what it says! I'm off to go upload Someguy 101's head shots!!

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