Saturday, February 25, 2006
Strange/Weird Stories Part TROIS
In my last strange/weird stories I told you how the maintenance guys SAW what was freaking me out in the unit. I think I left it that we made a mad dash out of there and ran to the more populated part of the nursing home.

Well - when we got there, babbling incoherently about the call lights we pretty much condemned ourselves to ridicule from the other staff. They didn't believe us - and we had to deal with teasing and jokes about us for a while. Then one day I went to work and the tide had turned! HA! I love it when that happens!

It seems the Night Nurse Supervisor needed to make some copies one night. So he went to the business unit and fired up the copy machine. Those things always take a while to warm up. While he was waiting, guess what happened? That's right beyotches - the call light went off. HA! So John (that was his name) decided to go check out the room. Of course when he went in there, it was empty save for some equipment that was being stored in there. He went up to the light board and canceled the call, then started making his copies. He told me he was right in the middle of copying a chart when IT happened.

A blood-curdling SHRIEK just emanated from that room. And the call light went off again. He told me he had all sorts of hairs standing up on every part of his body. But then he calmed down, thinking that maybe an Alzheimer's patient had escaped and was hiding out in the room. He went in there and thoroughly checked out the room (damn - he's braver than I am!) but of course there was nothing. He canceled the light again and hurried to complete the chart. He was in the process of turning off the machine when he heard it again. The SHRIEK. He says that at that point, he shrieked as well and flew out of there.

From that point on - NO ONE would ever enter the business unit alone again.

I was extremely unnerved hearing his story - but at the same time, I was very relieved. The teasing stopped, and people didn't look at me like I was a freak anymore! At least - not openly!
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