Monday, May 08, 2006
Rabbit Redemption
Remember my rabid rabbit?! Well, I just might have appeased the Bunny Gods today. I walked outside of my building today at work, and happened upon a most bizarre scene. First, I noticed the large white garbage truck. The kind that picks up the trash bins and dumps them in the back? Second, I noticed some women standing in a group with their hands over their ears and extremely pained looking expressions on their faces. Then I noticed another group of men (including some guards) all looking under the truck. My first thought was that someone had been run over.

I ran to one of the women and asked what happened. I was sure the answer would be that the truck was parked directly on top of the General Manager, but I had no such luck. The truth of the matter was there was a teeny tiny fluffy little baby bunny 'hiding' underneath the wheel of the trash truck. The back of the wheel of course. The truck needed to back up, but couldn't because a sharp-eyed woman had seen the tiny creature scamper to the wheels and take cover there. She had managed to stop the driver before he backed up. The guards and the men were taking turns trying to shoo the critter away, but it would just pick another set of wheels to hide behind.

Now - any normal person would say, just shove it away!! But that would mean actually TOUCHING the rabbit, and here at my work... that's a BIG BIG NO-NO. That big big no-no is partly my fault... because of the attack rabbit that I mentioned in a previous post. Can't have an employee being bitten by a rabid rabbit!! Nuh-uh... no way!! Secondly I said... any normal person. The rest of all these workers were all UNION people. No way they were going to violate a plant rule and risk getting a grievance filed on them for the sake of an incredibly cute, possibly rabid, rodent. Savvy? I think the consensus was that the truck was just going to have to back up, and we would be less one fluffy baby bunny.

I wasn't having it. I'm not Union. File your freaking grievances!! No baby animal will die in my presense! I skootched one of the guards away and got down on my knees underneath the truck (in a dress mind you) and saw one teeny little fuzzy bunny butt. I reached out slowly ...slooowly... and GRABBED! Bunny Jr flipped out and took off like a rocket. I sprawled forward onto my stomach (yeah, real graceful) and landed in something yicky. EWWWWWWWWW TRASH JUICE! The bunny, the ungrateful little louse, was cowering up against the building, eyeing the sanctuary of the truck. One of the guards helped me up and I actually got APPLAUSE from the women standing nearby. I yelled for them to run the bunny off towards the grass, and POOF! He was gone. Hopefully he ran off to tell the Grand Master Demon Bunny that I redeemed myself and should never be attacked ... ever again. The End.
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