Sunday, May 07, 2006
Sunday Six

Hey Guys! I'm playing a game created by Missing JT Snow. The idea is, she thinks up a set of six questions, and then you have your child answer them. I've played this once before, but I seem to keep forgetting to do it in the morning, and by the time I remember, it's almost Monday. So I'm excited that I actually remembered to do this!

Since my oldest is out on a ROADTRIP with my parents (she's in Arlington), I'll ask ETHAN the questions! (and maybe Avery if she'll answer)

1. How old is old?

Ethan: THIS! (Shows me 10 fingers)

Avery: NO!!!!!

2. Who do you think of when you hear the word old?

Ethan: 10.
me: No... WHO do you think of when you hear the word... OLD?? Who?
Ethan: OH! 21...
me: okay

Avery: NO!!!!! Zabaadaaa!!!

3. Are you old?

Ethan: Nope


4. What does it mean to get old?

Ethan: you die.

Avery: NO (shakes head)

5. How old should you be to get a job?

Ethan: 4 or 3... or 10 or 20

Avery: shaaablaahablaahha tickatickatickatickaTICKA!!!

6. Who should take care of old people?

Ethan: You! (points to me)

Avery: DAH-EEEEEEE!! giggagiggagiggggggsshhhszzzz!

And that is the knowledge my younger two have dispensed this morning..
Make sure you let me know if you played too!
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