Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Cool! I got the pictures to work. All I had to do was delete my internet cookies (crap). Anyhooooo. Here are the kiddos and me trying on silly hats at Magic Kingdom.

My dad took this picture of us... Avery was back at the hotel with my mother, because it was too hot for her out there. This is like, one of the few pictures we have of my husband, since he was taking all the photos...

This is Princess Ashton. I took her to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and they did her hair and makeup over there. My daughter is convinced that blonde hair is much prettier than her own auburn hair, so she chose blonde extensions. They also gave her a sash, and all day long, anytime she ran into a park employee, they would call her Princess and give her special treatment. It was the cutest thing. I recommend taking your little princess there and letting her get all dolled up. It was the cutest thing ever....

Does this picture look slightly sinister to you? It does to me! This is the dreaded BierGarten, where we got our food poisoning. I'm posting this as a visiual reminder to all to NEVER VISIT THIS PLACE !!!!

The kids are standing in front of some of gnomes. These little bushes are all over the place over there! These happened to be in front of the Bier Garten, and judging from the looks on the gnome's faces, I'm guessing they drank the beer at the Bier Garten...

Well crap. I have three more photos to upload, and Blogger's pulling it's crap again. I'll be back!

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