Tuesday, June 13, 2006
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Obviously, I'm on a roll.... two posts in one day! I also posted late last night, so technically it's three posts.

I forgot to post about how proud I am of my Ashton. She is my bona fide little thrill seeker. The child is barely 48 inches tall, which luckily, was the minimum height requirement for the scary rides. She went on every single ride she could. Including: Space Mountain, Mt. Everest, and the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster. That last one almost made ME cry. That frickin' ride shoots you out from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds. No lie. The G-forces alone sucked my cheeks back into my ears. Add onto that we were sitting in the very last car. It also spins you through numerous loops and spirals. She was disappointed when the ride was over. The line was 2 hours long, so we couldn't just hop back on. The only ride I wouldn't let her do was Tower of Terror. She was mighty pissed about that. So now she tells me that we'll have to go back SOON, so she can ride it. She's 8 years old. At 8 years old, I wouldn't set foot on the BABY coasters. That's how much of a chicken I am.

Ethan is much more like I was at his age. He's not the bravest child. I did trick him into going on "Soarin'", which is a hang gliding simulator. It was really a great ride, although he was kinda angry at me for making him go on it. But I told him he should just close his eyes and he wouldn't be scared. He went along with it, he didn't cry, but he did tell me that the ride was too scary for him. Again, Ashton was totally pumped about the rides, and again, the line was at least 5 miles long, so we couldn't re-ride it. She really wanted to though.

Next time we go to Disney, I think we'll go during the school year, and I'll just take them out of classes for a week. That way - we'll be able to avoid long lines, and they'll be able to ride all the rides they want, even doing re-rides.

***For some crappy reason, blogger is only letting me do a couple pics at a time.
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