Wednesday, August 16, 2006
I was busy yesterday... ok??!!!!

I didn't post yesterday, sorry if you're pissed off about that (ahem.... afc, that was directed to YOU!) But I was really busy yesterday!! Don't ya hate it when my real life rears its ugly head and interferes with my blog? I know, it's a terrible thing, but here I am now!

I took the day off of work yesterday, and trucked my oldest off to her very first day of 3rd grade. She thinks she's quite the kahuna, let me tell you. She's so very excited about being a 3rd grader! I got her sent off, and then Avery and I headed over to my mother's house, to check on Ethan. Oh - I guess I neglected to tell you, my 3 year old nephew is in town (from San Antonio) so my mother borrowed Ethan this week from me to keep my nephew entertained. I left Avery with my mother, and went and enrolled myself for another class at my college. So now on Tuesday nights - instead of Algebra, I'll be learning "Oceanography". No field trips to the coast though. I did tell the school counselor that I think that's jacked up. I think field trips for Oceanography should be a REQUIREMENT. But I'll deal with it. Next up after college enrollment, was the biggie. Trying to find a preschool for Ethan. The Montessori he was in decided to raise their tuition rates to $240/month. They also decided to extend the hours of the Montessori to help justify the rate increase. The extended hours now include lunch and recess. I'm not paying an additional $100/month for him to eat and play. So we derolled him (is derolled a word?) But then I had to hunt for a daycare. I wasn't holding out too much hope to find/locate/register him all in one day - but guys, I hit the JACKPOT! I found a preschool for him that offers the following: Language Arts, Pre-reading, Music Appreciation, Art Appreciation, Science, Math, Social Studies, and Field Trips to the fire station, botanical gardens, museum, etc... The class size is limited to 12 children, and each class has 2 licensed and certified teachers. All for $100/month. I was aghast. But I'm not dumb, and I got him IN! I'm too excited about it! So a big ol' WOOOOHOOOOOO is in order!

Then, I tackled WalMart. I brought my receipt to the manager, and explained how I didn't think it was fair that they should charge different prices for the same item, just because of the demographics. I think I even threw the phrase of "financial discrimination" in there. The poor guy didn't know what hit him. I threatened to picket outside of the store with a visual aide of price comparisons among the different WalMarts, and he told me that if I could tell them the price of an item of the same make/model/manufacturer at a different WalMart in town, he would gladly honor it. so YEAH!!! I'll keep that in mind for when we have higher priced items to buy. I'll make sure I price it first and then make them let me have it for the lower price. (insert evil laugh here)

We also held a birthday party for my nephew.. I mentioned he is 3 right? Well, he turned 3 yesterday, so we got him balloons, toys, clothes and a cake.

And that was my day yesterday. It was a busy day, but it was fun!
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  • At Wednesday, August 16, 2006 9:38:00 PM, Blogger Spicy Cracker

    Yay I'm first.... I just wanted to say so far I got ya 3 orders.. woo hoo... did you ever find any shoes... (beating dead horse)

    Have a great one.

  • At Thursday, August 17, 2006 12:06:00 AM, Anonymous AFC 30 apologies

    Nice to see you back here posting... I'm never pissed off in the blogshere, it's just nice to have a virual world away from my desk.

    Even though I work in London, I work on the outskirts but today I've got 4 meetings spread all around central London. So today I've got to battle with trains, tubes and taxis. I hate going to the centre as it's just too busy and crowded for a country boy like me. It'll be even less fun with all the extra security in place.

    Anyway, glad to see you sorted childcare, a subject that is high on or agenda at the moment. $100 per month.... most of the child care where I live is about £250 per week - so about $400us!

  • At Thursday, August 17, 2006 4:54:00 AM, Blogger Norman

    Spicy - You got 3 orders so far?? Holy crap!! I haven't even sent you the catalogs yet!! That's FANTASTIC!! Don't worry, as soon as my kit comes in, I'll be sending everything your way!! You're the best! (Oh - and I'll take some pics of my new shoes that I've gotten...)

    AFC - You didn't piss me off!! But I'm still in awe over the rates you have to pay for childcare. Sheesh. That's crazy. I think daycare runs about $450/month - depending on the age of the child here. Since this is preschool - and Ethan'll only be going for half-days, 4 days a week, it's a lot cheaper than daycare. And then my mother watches my kids after school (and keeps Avery for me). So we're very fortunate that we don't have to pay the steep rates that everyone else does. But I couldn't imagine $400/week!!

  • At Thursday, August 17, 2006 5:21:00 AM, Blogger karen!

    go here for the fat lady dancing to the milkshake song. this is why those people keep searching for it and getting my site.

  • At Thursday, August 17, 2006 5:27:00 AM, Blogger karen!

    Okay, now I read your post.
    Are you sure you got that daycare/preschool for $100/month? Not $100/week??? If so, that is amazing!!! REally!! Where are you located?? Are you in MY neighborhood?? IF so, I want to know where this place is and if they do after school kids!
    (I am in Texas near Dallas)

  • At Thursday, August 17, 2006 12:21:00 PM, Blogger Calamity H. Jane

    Hey Norman,

    I say screw 'Oceanagraphy', you need to enroll yourself in PRESCHOOL! heck yeah!

    *that's it, I'm doin' it - I'm going back to school folks!

  • At Thursday, August 17, 2006 7:47:00 PM, Blogger Norman

    Karen - OMG!! That milkshake video was GRRROOOOSSSS!!! I love it! And YEAH... the pre-K is $100 a MONTH. Is that not crazee? And I checked them out, asked around about them, and everyone says that it's a great program, they've heard nothing but wonderful things about it, and they are amazed that I actually got in! Apparently - they are usually FULL, so I slid in under the radar!

    Calamity - I would luv to go back to Pre-K!! Give me some scissors and a pot of glue and I'm HAPPY!

  • At Thursday, August 17, 2006 11:03:00 PM, Blogger pack of 2

    Now did you buy all of that stuff for the little guy at the poor man's Wal-Mart or the rich one?

    Just curious:)


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