Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Meet Ahtee Doo-Doo!!

Weeeeelll!!! Looks like I got a couple of smarty-pants reading my blog!! Calamity Jane and Ace guessed the correct character! And without knowing the book even!!! Way to go ya'll!!! Would either of you two like to move in with us so we can decipher other things that he says?

Ethan told us the book was "Scar Wars" and "Ahtee Doo-Doo" was a robot. He likes him a lot. He does NOT however, like the fair. According to Ethan, the reason why he cannot ride the fair rides is because he is "Hagernic" to them. (Allergic).

You know what? I think it's time to bring him in for a hearing test. He pronounces words just fine once you correct him on the pronunciation, but I guess it's just the way he hears it. Either way - it makes for a good giggle or two over here.

BTW - let's mark this down for a freaky OOOooOOowwweeeeeOOOOoooo thing:

Remember when I said that I know of NO ONE named "Norman", and we couldn't figure out where he came up with it? Weeeeeell... When re-asked this question just the other day, Ethan said that someone told it to him... but he couldn't tell me who. He just said "A boy here did. He whispered his name was Norman. So I called you Norman by mistake."

Now, I've got to do a genealogy of myself for my Ethnicity course I'm taking in college. I was going through some photographs that my parents have of THEIR grandparents, when I ran across pictures of the tombstones of MY grandparents. My grandparents names were written on it, with their birth and death dates of course, and underneath their names was... you guessed it: "Norman" with the dates 1926-1929.

Now, I've always heard of my Aunt Juliette who died when she was in her teens. She had a muscular deformity, and it caused her organs to function incorrectly. We're not sure what exactly the disease was, because my grandparents were rural folks, and we're also talking 1920's here... but I've never heard of NORMAN. So I asked my mother who Norman was. She said Norman is my uncle who died when he was a child. He died long before she was born, and for some reason - the family just never talks about him. Huh. I'm 36 years old and I've NEVER heard of Norman.

So: OOOOoooOOOowwwweeeOOOOOO or just plain ol' coincidence?

Supernatural Norman!
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