Saturday, September 23, 2006
Ready for the Weekend Poll?!
Here it is!! Now - participation is mandatory! If you are reading this - you MUST vote. This blog is all about participation....not to mention that I KNOW how many blog hits I get and I can TELL how many people vote as compared to how many DON'T. So.... since I GOTTA vote. Because I said so.

So here it is: This week's question.

Which one of these two entertainers do YOU think gets more panties thrown at them while on stage?


Who gets more panties?!
Vanilla Ice
Wayne Newton
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So .... all I gotta say about your participation this week?? Danke Schoen!

I know. I know. I keep editing the weekend polls. But first - I must say - that Wayne Newton is ALREADY beating the pant(ies) off of Vanilla Ice. As it stands right now, Waynie boy is ahead 15-1.

Second - I did a little maintenance work on my subscription link. I was using "Bloglet" but that service sucked-ass and it never e-mailed people whenever I'd posted. So I've gone back to "NotifyList".

If you want to be Notified whenever I update - go ahead and join! It's free - it's painless - (and a little Norman secret - sometimes I e-mail info that is NOT included on the blogarooney). But that only happens once in a blue moon.

Okay. Back to the Weekend Poll!
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