Tuesday, September 26, 2006
A Sticky Situation
I got to work this morning, and when I retrieved my employee badge from my purse, I noticed it was somewhat sticky. But, since I was running late - I didn't explore the problem too much. I handed it to the guard, and ignored the look he gave me when his hands stuck to the badge.

When I got to my office, I decided to look a little more closely at it. It was sticky, gummy, and sticking to all the other paraphenalia I have hanging on my lanyard. I tried to peel it apart, and finally, SMELT it. It smelt... sweet. Mystified - I grabbed my purse and decided to find out what was going on. Now - I don't carry ANYTHING in my purse that would leak, or gum things up. Generally all that's in my purse are old receipts, my wallet, a lip gloss, diapers (cause my purse sometimes doubles as a diaper bag), and loose change that floats around on the bottom of my bag.

But today, I found... a pancake. With maple syrup. And I remembered that Ethan didn't want to eat breakfast this morning, and then that all of a sudden... he was DONE! So. Let's put two and two together. Any clues on HOW that pancake got in my purse? (cue the theme song from "Blues Clues" here....) More importantly... any clues on how to get Real Vermont Maple Syrup OUT of my purse?

Let me just say... that child is so very lucky I didn't use my Vuitton today.

And when I asked him nonchanlantly how the pancake managed to get in my purse - he told me that DADDY DID IT.

So - pancakes anyone??
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