Monday, October 09, 2006
Oh yeah. This is REALLY late.
It's the weekend poll... Two days late!! But hey - it's still technically a weekend for me since I'm not working today.

And you can thank Spicy Cracker for the topic of this weekend's poll!! She selected it!

I've also decided that Spicy is my favorite blogger of the day, because she graciously volunteered to be my FIRST PAMPERED CHEF hostess!!!! Isn't that nice!? She actually CALLED me yesterday and I felt so bad because at first I thought she was a telemarketer and was RUDE RUDE RUDE!! ('cuz that's how telemarketers get treated over here). But once she told me who she was - we had a great conversation until I told her that I was one of those people that you can poor girl.

BUT! In the course of that conversation, she suggested this:

who would YOU rather Tiptoe through the Tulips with??


Who would you rather tiptoe through the tulips with?
The Naked Cowboy
Tiny Tim
Free polls from

Remember, you should vote because this blog is all about my egotistical self. And I love participation!! You don't have to comment -- (although I love comments)---- BUT YOU HAVE TO VOTE!!! (or I will find you)
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