Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Either title works: "Every Family Has One" or "What IS it with my family and Staph?!"
My mom told me this morning that my uncle was admitted to the VA hospital last night. This is pretty distressing to me, since my aunt & uncle are what I consider "second parents". I used to live with them in Arlington, TX back in the early 90's, and I've always known their home as a place to go and not have to knock to get in.

He was disoriented last night, and having trouble controlling "body functions". The guy isn't that old. Way to young to be acting like this, so my cousin took him to the VA (thank GOD she was home). While he was there, he went to the restroom, got dizzy, passed out in the bathroom and smashed his face up pretty good into the toilet seat. He's a big guy. I'm sure he hit pretty hard. He took out the bathroom mirror on his way down. So anyway. They "observed" him for awhile and sent him home when he seemed to have stabilized. This morning when he woke up, he was worse than he was the night before - so back to the hospital they went, and this time they've admitted him for good.

So far, the test results are that he has a Staph Infection IN HIS BLOOD. He's got a blockage in his heart, and his liver is barely functioning (he's not a drinker). To me - it sounds like his body is trying to shut down. His prognosis is not good. My father told me the fatality rate on older people with a blood staph infection is pretty high. I'm very sad about this.

But where I'm saying "Every family has one"... is the one person in your family who is totally...utterly... clueless, selfish, soulless,,, you name it. I'm so very disappointed in my older cousin.

Apparently, my other cousin (not the one who took him to the hospital - this is a different one), is upset because my aunt and her had planned on having a HUGE garage sale at their house this weekend. Obviously, this won't be happening. Or at least, that's the assumption any RATIONAL HUMAN BEING would make. But not this cousin. She has been calling my aunt at least ONCE an hour, telling her that she needs to go home and get some rest so that she'll have enough energy to do the GARAGE SALE this weekend.

Say Wha wha wha???? Are you on Crack o cousin o' mine? What the HELL are you thinking?? (obviously - I'm ranting at my cousin vicariously thru ya'll) Your mother's husband....the ONLY FATHER YOU HAVE EVER KNOWN... is lying in the hospital DEATHLY ILL. And you're worried about a frickin' GARAGE SALE?? o dear god. You have surely smoked too much of teh weed or something. Or you need to SMOKE some weed and GET OVER YOURSELF.

OK. She doesn't read this blog, so I'll stop yelling at her thru ya'll now.

Seriously, this girl has ISSUES. All caps there. Notice that. ISSUES. Not issues. She's one of those people that tries to do everything, and then plays the martyr. You know the type? I just want to crack her head open sometimes. She's one of those insane soccer moms/hockey moms/Stepford wives that you see bad Hollywood Movies made out of. She is the EPITOME of the stereotypes you see in there.

Yes guys... people like her truly exist. It is not a Hollywood illusion.

I knew I never liked her much growing up. Now I know why.


***For those of you that pray, please pray for my uncle to get better. He's good folk.
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