Wednesday, October 25, 2006
It's all WEIRD
Now see -- sometimes I wonder where my husband's head is.

Really. I go looking around the house to see if he's been sticking it in the oven and inhaling fumes.

After yesterday's post about this company that has been actively recruiting my hubby, I decided to do a little researching. I looked up the company on the 'net ( just gotta love the internets!) and discovered much info about this company.

It's been written up in Wikipedia for God's sake. And it's not a very flattering write up I might add.

Oh - it's a legit company allright. But still. I would be leery of working for a company where they seem to have LOTS of lawsuits filed against them....for SPAMMING. Not just any spam either. This is TEXT MESSAGING spamming where it costs YOU to receive said spam.

Of course - my ethics are kicking in and I'm telling the dude that we're not going to move to San Diego to go work for a company that just might wake up one day and say "Sorry guys, we can't pay your salaries cause we got slammed with a multi-million lawsuit." Nope. Not gonna do it.


My husband is STILL talking to the recruiter guy like it's a possibility.

This is where Norman is putting her foot down.


I'll move to San Antonio - or stay here, but I'm not leaving Texas. Besides, California is supposed to fall into the ocean sooner or later, and then I'll be that much closer to the ocean. Right?

So thanks to all of you guys with your advice. Ya'll are pretty smart!!!

On the up side for me (and yes - sooner or later I will stop the shameless plugging of my little side business), I have closed yet ANOTHER show for my Pampered Chef!!

When you sign on to PC, you are supposed to achieve at least $1250 in sales each month for the first three months. If you do - you not only earn commissions, but you also earn FREE STUFF.

People - I have DOUBLED my first month's requirement!! And October isn't even over. I have two more shows to submit for this month, and 3 already booked for next month. I'm too excited! I've been trying to close one of the shows for 3 days now, and I keep getting people asking to order stuff. I'm like, "what the hell? I'm supposed to be chasing YOU down to buy stuff -- not the other way around!!" But hey - I'll take their order!!

So - anyone up for doing a catalog show in December? I have one booked, I need to book one more to earn EXCITING NEW SPRING PRODUCTS! Come on... you KNOW you wanna do it!!


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