Thursday, November 30, 2006
Oh Crap!!!!!!!! It's COLD!!!
It's 15 degrees right now, we have 8 inches of snow on the ground, and they are expecting the temperature to go down to 7 tonight.

It's cold.

The schools were closed today, I, however, had to drive 36 miles on snow packed ice ... both ways. I slid into a ditch (twice), and almost had to change my pants (twice).

Now - all the Texans who read my blog... say the phrase out loud:

"Four wheel drive does NOT mean I can drive 75 mph on the highway when there is ice"

very good!!

Now say this:

"Four wheel drive on ice does NOT mean I am invincible!"


Now remember that, and if I see your ass spinning out on the highway tomorrow - I'm going to LAUGH MY ASS OFF.
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  • At Thursday, November 30, 2006 8:36:00 PM, Blogger Stewie

    59 degrees here.

    Supposed to hit 70 tomorrow.

    Snow on Monday.

    East coast weather is so f'd up.

  • At Thursday, November 30, 2006 8:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    So sorry Norman - but very glad you are okay!

    East Coast weather is screwed up - I agree with Stewie....It is December 1st and I have my porch door wide is like, 65 degrees outside...unreal! [and we live in the mid east coast too...above the Carolinas!] Go figure.

    Take care and be safe.


  • At Friday, December 01, 2006 5:38:00 AM, Blogger Teri

    call me ignorant but I would never expect the State of Texas to get that cold and have snow. In any of the counties, I would not expect this.

    My coworker and I had this same conversation yesterday. He grew up in Wisconsin and laughs at the SUV's that think that they are invincible.

    He said that they teach the kids to drive on the frozen lakes so they get used to the ice.

  • At Friday, December 01, 2006 6:05:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Okay, it's 72 degrees here at 9AM. Sorry.

    It's true that folks with SUVs and 4WD vehicles seem to believe they have road-hugging capabilities. It would be funny if they weren't so dangerous to the rest of us on the same roads. Which is also why Denny and I stay in the southern most segments of the U.S.

    P.S. Mulled wine warms you nicely plus will make you forget about ghosts. I highly recommend it. After work, of course. Lol.

  • At Friday, December 01, 2006 6:08:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Gah! I just realized I repeated myself about the wine. CRS disease has struck again (can't remember sh*t)

  • At Friday, December 01, 2006 8:51:00 AM, Anonymous shakennotstirred

    It's a balmy 33 here this morning. Balmy? Yep! Considering our highs have been around 27/28 for days, the snow kept blasting in literally paralyzing the West coast who has NO freakin idea how to handle snow, and school's been closed more than open this week. Ugh! I feel your pain Norman.

  • At Friday, December 01, 2006 10:54:00 AM, Blogger Freak Magnet

    It's not that I hate driving in snow - I hate the other fucking idiots driving in it.

  • At Thursday, December 07, 2006 11:50:00 AM, Anonymous Stacie

    Way too cold. Hope its warmed up some, girl.

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