Saturday, November 11, 2006
Weekend Poll Time!!
Told ya I'd get it up this weekend!!! (ooohoooo!! That sounded nasty again!!)

In honor of Ethan's Party from Hell at the Mouse Hole, I thought I'd make you vote for - the Mouse himself!

Your question of the week, and remember that VOTING IS MANDATORY is this:

Which one would you rather boink?

Chuck E. Cheese?

Which one would YOU rather boink
Chuck E. Cheese
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Remember, if you are reading this... YOU MUST VOTE! I don't care HOW asinine the question is. I wanna know.

And yeah - i DO know that the picture of Liberace is actually an Action Figure but hey - I figure he's up against a fuzzy fake mouse, so we're even.

Ethan's party went a LOT better than the rioting mob from last week. I guess the kids finally resigned themselves to the fact that a 6 foot mouse would be hopping out at them, but thankfully - the mouse didn't EXPLODE out of the door in a surprise appearance.

Of course, we forgot our camera (the hell were we thinking??), but my dad brought his. So as soon as he sends some pics to me - I'll get those posted.

In the meantime ..... VOTE VOTE VOTE!
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