Saturday, October 27, 2007
Ding Dong the Witch is Gone!

now I feel bad. The woman gets on my nerves to be sure, but she does love her great-grandkids. Just not me. But she means well. I just can't tolerate her in large doses. However, I must say that nitpicking & criticizing aside, I could tell she made an effort to be nice to me.

See how easy it is for me to be gracious when she's finally gone?

****deep sigh of relief***** time. Feels soooo good!

Now that I have a teeny bit of me time, I can share with you some snippets. So just for fun, I'm going to show you some of the keyword searches that have led to my blog. That's always the most entertaining part of my statcounter program:

Interesting keyword searches:

1. Naked Fireman - I'm currently looking all over on my blog now for this. If I've got a naked fireman on here somewhere, I'm sure as hell gonna jump all over that. I need one right now.

2. My dog ate some saran wrap - Gross. It's even grosser when they try to poop it out. It gets caught in there and sometimes you have to *help* remove it. Then it looks like you wrapped a dog turd in saran wrap which is essentially....what it is. However, I do not encourage you to place the conveniently wrapped item in your fridge.

3. Dog ate plastic wrap - saran wrap, plastic wrap - you're not going to find a better answer for your dilemma pal. Put some latex gloves on and start spelunking dude. And for God's sake man, don't let the dog eat the gloves when you're done. Otherwise you'll have five turds encased in plastic.

4. My pug ate kleenex, should I worry? - what is it with you guys thinking I'm the online vet? And stop leaving crap where your dog will get it! Is this the same guy who let their dog eat saran?

5. Vibrating Panties Video - I don't know about any such video, and I certainly never starred in it. I fail to see how such an undergarment would be comfy to wear. Might be FUN, but not comfy. Thanks

6. Stubbed Toe Nail - oh. I can TOTALLY sympathize with this one. In fact, let me help you find the post in which I showed my toe. It's here. Yes that's a real photo, and yes it hurt like a sumbitch. I believe my toenail is now dead, because it's been black ever since. TMI I know, but it needed to be told.

7. "I have to pee like a screaming comanche" - Now come on. Why are you searching online? You have to pee that bad and don't know to just go whiz? I think I'm missing something here. Now.....if you meant..I peed and I FEEL like a screaming comanche - well then I'm right there with you. And I'm happy to tell you that the solution to that is CIPRO. It's a URINARY TRACT INFECTION. Get some cipro. And AZO. You'll piss orange for the next few days but your comanche issues are gone.

As always - glad to help with your searches!

And that's enough of a post for tonight....I'll show you guys tomorrow or Monday what I did on my day off this last Friday later.

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