Saturday, December 29, 2007
Cuz yer a "Dolo"....that's why.
Have your kids ever made up words before? Mine LOVE to. It's their own personal little language.

Take "Dolo" for instance. No clue what it means, but it's pronounced "dough-low". I've been hearing the kids throwing this word around for weeks, followed by spates of laughter.

The other day, they were sitting at the dinner table, misbehaving as usual. Ethan wasn't eating, and in frustration, I told him "!" Complete and utter silence decended upon us after the children all let out a simultaneous gasp. Apparently - I had stumbled upon one of their made up cuss words. Oops.

Another good one is frag-ee. I don't think I'll use that one anytime soon. I have the feeling it is the children's equivalent of the f-bomb.

And Avery?? Well, according to my children, she cheepows in her underwear. I think I have that one figured out, and her daddy cheepows in his too.

So I'm gonna skippoo for now. Don't be a dolo, I'll be back frag-ees, so go cheepow in your panties.
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