Monday, November 26, 2007
This is just typical of things that happen to me
I know most of you have been reading me for a while. I know most of you probably leave this blogsite going: "What a dumbass" and then come back to make sure that your original impression of me and my bumblings is spot-on. Some of you are new to my blog and are speeding thru my archives to catch up ( I know this because I see my site meter ), and then some of you have just stumbled onto my blog and periodically come back just to read my nonsense.

Which brings me to my point. I don't know what my point is, but let me tell you the stupid ass thing I did today. Mind you...I don't know HOW I managed to do this, but I did it.

I went to the bathroom today at work, (yes.. some of you are already screaming "TMI!!" but this is a crucial issue), did my 'bidness and started heading back to my desk. Now, I noticed that "something" in the ...ahem...private areas of my being were slightly uncomfy, but a bit of scootching in my seat seemed to ease the problem. Besides, I was on the phone with some idiot poor soul who had inadvertantly driven their vehicle up onto some landscaping rocks, and the important matter at hand was how to maneuver the vehicle OFF the rock without taking out the rest of the undercarriage. Yes - this person admitted to me that alcohol WAS was the prostitute that had been "working" while he was driving. So while I was listening to the man beg me not to let his wife know the full details of said accident, you can understand why my small issue of uncomfy undies came second fiddle.

After I finally got off the phone with the man, I leapt up to tell my coworkers about this accident, because truthfully..when you call in to report a claim to your insurance company??? If it's stupid accident??? We ALL laugh at your dumbass.

But I digress.

So I jumped up - like I said, and we all had a good laugh, then I sat down, and leapt right back up. Something had HURT me DOWN THERE. And not a good hurt either. I gingerly sat back down and got right back up. Mudderfudder hurt a lot. Logging out on my phone, I headed back to the bathroom. Pulled down my pants and took a look-see.

Know what? APPARENTLY, some how...and I'm not quite sure HOW this occurred....but SOMEHOW, my earring had fallen off and lodged itself in my pretty lil' undies. And was poking the ouch-shit out of me.

Norman's Day: Score one for pretty much the same old same old of stupid human tricks performed by me.
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