Monday, December 17, 2007
Didn't mean to worry you good people. But all's fine over here. Really. Just needed to deal with some real life blips that required undivided attention.

But things are okay. In fact, they're so okay that I actually have something to post about tonight!!

I leave work later in the day. I only work 3 days during the week, but it's not as cool as it sounds. The three days I'm working? I'm basically at work from 8am until 7:30 at night. I generally get home just in time to see my kids off to bed. But tonight - Ashton had a Christmas program that began at 7:00pm. I really REALLY wanted to be there for it, but it's something akin to jamming bamboo splinters under my nails to get some time off at work. I managed to get 30 minutes leave time, and ran out of the office at 7:00pm, jumped into my car and zoomed off across the city of San Antonio on my way to see my daughter sing.

I drove on the highway. I drove on busy city streets, I drove down populated neighborhoods filled with cars traveling merrily thru the city. All without my lights on. And not one single frickin' person flashed their headlights at me to let me know that my lights were not on.

I know it's because they think I was a gang member searching for my initiation passage by waiting for a good samaritan to flash their headlights at me so I could blast them with my highly illegal automatic weapon.

Which I don't have. Or so you think.

But one told me my lights weren't on. It wasn't until I pulled up into the schoolyard where there weren't so many lights that a group of parents hollered out: "Turn on your lights!!" (and when I turned to look at them in the rear view mirror, I saw them doing commando rolls into the bushes nearby pulling their kids with them). Not really. But they WERE ducking for cover.

I did make it to the school just in time to see my daughter's class file up to the stage to sing, and she saw me make it in. The relief on her face was evident, and even though I was there on time, it did make me feel bad that she was worried like that.

After the program, I made sure to tell her that I lead a secret double life as a gang member inductee, and I was merely searching for people to blink their headlights at me so I could mess them up.

She now thinks I'm the coolest mom ever.
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