Monday, December 31, 2007
Ha-ha-HACHOO-py New Year Ya'll
Yup. Cedar Fever has us all over here. My husband sort of resembles Rudolph with his cherry red nose. I'm crabby because I can't partake of the alchoholic beverages, and all the kids have sniffly noses.

It's called Cedar Fever and it appears as if every single one of us in this house has severe allergies to this particular spore.

What a way to ring in the new year. Wait. Scratch that. Ashton seems fine. In fact, she has her heart on staying up to watch the ball drop, and all I want to do is climb in to bed. I need my rest to gear up for Wednesday when all the formerly drunk people call in to file insurance claims on the cars they wrecked. Yay.

Obviously, I'm a grump. And having to deal with a sick husband who's crabby than I am is making this day funner. And yes funner is a word so leave me alone.

At this point, I'd usually post some pictures but he refuses to download the pictures from the camera, so I can't share.

But you know what? As grumpy as I am, I wish every stinkin' one of you a Happy New Year, and may your New Year find you healthier, wealthier and HAPPY.

Lurve, Norman
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