Sunday, June 15, 2008
Alright... who's the wise guy?
Which one of youse wyseguys has posted my e-mail address and a profile of me on "an unnamed dating website"?

It was funny for the first couple of days, but I'm ready for you to take it down now.

And whoever said that I like to date "megamen"..hahahaa...

now take it down.


And on that note. Let's get ready for the "Awwww" moment of the day.

I was taking a walk with my son, when off in the distance, a lone balloon floated up into the sky. It was shiny and heart-shaped. My son, seeing it in floating in the air, pointed up at it and said "Oh Mommy! Look! Someone's sending the world a balloon to tell the world they love it!!"


Now go take my damn profile down from the dating site. You know who you are.
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