Wednesday, July 02, 2008
I'm NEVER at the right place at the right time!!!!!


This little missed opportunity is about 5 miles from where I live. But nooooOOOoooOOoo, I had to go to work like a good little citizen and WORK for my money.

I'll tell ya what though, if I'd have seen this, I would have been throwing elbows in the faces of the other motorists as I collected my windfall.

And in other news,

I was watching the late night news. It appears as if San Antonio is going to start water rationing soon because of lack of rain. Part of the news broadcast involved posting the top users of water in our community. Of course, Fiesta Texas was one of the top consumers...mainly because they have a water park. I was really surprised that SeaWorld was no where on the top ten users. But that's not what I found so funny. The first list was BUSINESSES that used the most water in the city. The SECOND list was individuals.

The #7 top consumer in the city of San Antonio? Tommy Lee Jones. BWAAAHAHAHAHA!!! I could just imagine him sitting at home with his feet up...remote in hand... yelling: "DAMMIT!"

and I bet he's also kicking himself that he didn't get to Loop 410 today to pick up some free cash...
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