Sunday, January 15, 2006
I feel bad..
There's a blog out there called "Mean Coffee" I don't have it linked, but I read her a lot. Yesterday she posted that she had an amnio and a defect has been shown in her unborn child. She also turned off comments, so no one can comment. While I respect her request to not post comments to her telling her that "everything will be ok", I'm still just wishing I could reach out to her and tell her that "Everything just MIGHT be ok!" The defect that is showing in the ultrasound is something called an "Atrial Septal Defect". I did a quick google search of this, and the prognosis for this disorder is excellent.

I know I've never met this girl before, but I still feel really bad for her. This is their first child. She said "If you pray, pray for us".

I think I will.

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