Sunday, January 15, 2006
It's not just me anymore!!!!
My husband told me that his friend asked him the other day if we really have ghosts. "Is he still reading my blog?!" I asked. I don't know why - but it bothers me to know that people I know in real life are reading this. Strange, I know - but especially his friends. I know they'll tell him about the hateful posts I do sometimes. But oh well. I've not lied in them so... nyah. Anyway - my husband told me that he verified the ghost stories to his friend, and then he said this: "I even told him about Thursday."


"Well - what do you mean Thursday?" My husband got this confused look on his face. "I didn't tell you? " "No you didn't tell me!! What happened!?" "Oh", he said, looking confused (sidebar - I hate his confused look. I see it so many times, it really just irks me.) "Well, it happened like this. You were asleep, and remember I went to bed late?" "Yeah," I prompted.. he can really drag a story out. "Well - you were asleep and I got into bed and you know your Noczema containers in the shower... how you have them stacked because you won't take the empty one out and you have the full one on the bottom and the empty one on the top..." "WHAT HAPPENED? I KNOW I HAVE AN EMPTY NOCZEMA CONTAINER IN THE SHOWER!!"

"Geez, okay okay... well - I was getting in bed and I heard the containers topple over. I thought that was really strange because it's not like they're stacked crooked, but it just hit me as kind of strange. So then I was trying to go to sleep and I kept hearing someone walking around in the room. You weren't moving so I knew it wasn't you and besides you were in bed beside me asleep.. but it was like... distinct - really distinct footsteps, all over the room. It sounded like someone's legs rubbing together as they move.. you know what I mean??? So I kept my eyes wide open for awhile, but I couldn't ever see anything, I would sit up every now and then and the steps would stop, but when I'd lay back down I could hear them creeping around again. Finally I just went to sleep. I didn't want to hear it anymore."

OOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!! That freaks me out sooo bad!! I told him that those are the sounds I hear when I'm home alone, and he finally FINALLY understands why I don't like to be home alone. I swear... I'll be sitting at the computer and I hear these steps come up behind me... "tiff tiff tiff tiff..." like footsteps on the carpet, I'll whirl around and there's no one there. He's always told me I'm just hearing things. Now I've told him that "something" has touched his face (see old ghost post) and he's now HEARD it. Is he going to believe now, and he said "hell yeah" He also wants to do research on our house to find out if anyone died in it.

When we bought this house, we checked the disclosure, and everything looked fine - but we found out later that the former owners LIED THROUGH THEIR TEETH. We might have had someone die in it, we just don't know. So we'll have to research this. I'm also considering bringing my co-worker in to see my house. He's an honest-to-goodness Shaman, if you can believe that. I might be able to convince him to help me. (He's kinda selective about what he does with his Shaman stuff..)

So that's my update on our house ghostie!!

Ya skeered? I am

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