Sunday, April 02, 2006
OK... just one more before I leave
I couldn't do it. I just couldn't leave without ONE MORE POST!!

Have you ever wondered what some people in a small town are like? Here's an example:

Scene: Taco Bueno on a Saturday afternoon.

The husband & I were very hungry after an afternoon of furniture moving, taping & painting. So we decided to run up to the closest Taco store and get some munchies. I drove up to the drive thru window and began to peruse the menu sign. crackle crackle take your order? crackle crackle pop.

Me: Don't you guys have Bean & Cheese tacos?

Taco Dude: No

Me: Really? You don't have bean & cheese tacos? Cause that's what I want....

Taco Dude: No. But you can order a beef taco.

Me: I don't want a beef taco. I want a bean & cheese taco. Do you have bean & cheese burritos?

Taco Dude: No. If you really want a bean & cheese taco you can order a beef taco minus the beef, add beans and ask for extra cheese.

Me: So wouldn't that be a bean & cheese taco?

Taco Dude: No. It's a beef taco without beef with beans & cheese added.

Me: Ok. I want a bean & cheese taco.

Taco Dude: We don't have those

Me: I want a beef taco with no beef but would you put some beans in there instead & add cheese?

Taco Dude: Sure. I can do that.

Me: Can I call it a bean & cheese taco?

Taco Dude: You can call it whatever you want after you pay for it.

Me: Thanks. Yer a pal

Taco Dude: Anything else?

Me: Yeah. I want a chicken fajita without chicken but add beef

Taco Dude: So would you like a beef fajita then?

Me: No. I want a chicken fajita, minus the chicken and add beef instead.

Taco Dude: Are you trying to be cute?

Me: Do you have chicken fajitas?

Taco Dude: Yeah........

Me: Can you add beef to it instead?

Taco Dude: Whatever... yeah....

Me: So that's what I want.

Taco Dude: yeah... ok. Pull through

And that's about when my husband went insane. Apparently sometimes I really drive him crazy.

Now how can you live in Texas and not sell bean & cheese tacos? My Austin readers will KNOW exactly what I'm talking about. Bean & Cheese tacos are like a staple or something. I used to LIVE for Taco Cabana's Bean & Cheesers!! There used to be a Taco Cabana here, but it shut down. I was so sad. Anyway. I got my Taco Bueno beef taco minus the beef, add beans & cheese, but they goofed it up anyway. Apparently - I forgot to tell them that it was supposed to be a SOFT TACO. So I got a crunchy one. Oh well. I'll know how to order next time I go there.

OK!! Now I'm REALLY gone until next Friday or Saturday! Who's gonna miss me?!
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