Friday, July 07, 2006
Baby 'bonics 101
Baby 'bonics ya'll!! As in 'ebonics'! Those of you who have kids TOTALLY understand this, right?


Ashton, age 2: Triangawiggles (translation) Triangles
Ethan, age 2: Spageetos (translation) Mosquitos

See? Baby 'bonics are words that your kids make up, which probably make no sense to others, but perfect sense to you and the child. Usually, a baby will have one or two of these, then move on to boring old English.

But Avery has moved into new territory for us. Not only does she use Baby Ebonics, she has decided some very primary words should be synonyms for a whole assortment of other words. I'm having a devil of a time trying to figure out what she's trying to say, it's like learning a new language. This makes me laugh, since I'm supposed to be teaching HER how to speak... not her teaching me...But! I decided to create a list of her words and meanings. I'm going to post part of it on here.

Please note: Sometimes the words are the same, but depending upon the way she says it, means a whole 'nother thing...

Avery's Words:

Bite (or)Eat - please feed me

BITE! (or) EAT! - dammit woman! I'm Hungry! Would ya hurry?

Up peas - Please pick me up

Up peas - Please put me down


UP PEAS! - Down!! I want down!! Now!! Put me down!!!

Ewwwww - Booger

Wandat - I want that, please

WANDAT! - Give it to me you sumbitch

Buzzy Belly - Please blow on my belly and make that farting noise... I love it so much!

Daddeeee - Daddy

Daddeeee - Mommy

That - Any inanimate object that she's hoping we'll foolishly hand to her so she can creatively try to figure out ways to kill herself with it. (ex. cotton ball, q-tip, scissors, ice pick...)

Raaawr - Monster

Raaawr - Shredder

Raaawr - Ethan

Raaawr - Sharks

Uff-Uff - Dogs

Googurl - Good Girl

Dohda - Dora the frickin' explorer

Poo poo - applies not only to real poopoo, but also applies to: wet diaper, any kind of mess, Ethan and boogers.

Bay-Bay - baby

I'm K! - Generally said after she really biffs it on the carpet, she'll hop up and say "I'm K!!"

zzzzuush - Juice. sometimes pronounced, 'dooce' (yeah - as in that super popular blogging chick)

zzzzuush - Milk.

zzzzuush - any kind of Coke.

Hi - cell phone

owstite - Outside

Owstite! - Let me OOOOOOUUUUUTTTTSIDDDE!!!! I wanna play with the Uff Uff!!!

Skeem - ice cream

Ok, that's just some of them. She actually talks quite a bit, I just can't understand ALL of her words yet. These are just the ones that I've figured out.

Sooner or later, she's going to start talking like everyone else. I don't know if I'll be relieved or sad.....
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