Friday, July 28, 2006
sorry guys. I didn't respond to ANY of your comments yesterday and I didn't even do a new post. I feel icky. But I can't stay home to feel better because I'm contracted out today to a different work site. (Can't very well call in sick). Then to top it all off my husband REALLY hurt my feelings this morning. Oh sure - he swears I just took it the wrong way, but since I feel shitty already, I choose to take it the way I heard it, because I'm pretty sure he DID mean it that way.... so I'm pretty bummed and not funny today.

don't worry, I'll delete this post later. I'll actually have access to the internet during the day today, so I might cook up something *semi* entertaining.... if I can just get this aspirin to start unfogging my head....

poor sick norm

pleaaaarrgh... still feeling pretty woozy. So I don't feel like creating a new post - but I will mention that AFC 30-whatever-he-comes-up-with, has given me a fabulous idea for my next counter milestone, which will be 40,000. Whoever is my 40,000th hit, will get a prize, something HANDMADE by me - so you can't bitch about the quality, mmm'kay? Now, if I can just get off my duff and get busy on it.

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