Thursday, December 28, 2006
A hunting I will Go!!
I'm heading south for a few days to go house hunting. Wish me luck!

oh... any internet stalkers out there need to know that my house is being HOUSESAT by my mommy. She's staying here with my kids.... so BACK OFF!

I've pretty much forgiven my husband for the nose comment because he bought me an awesome COACH BAG for our Anniversary!!! It's the Holiday one. I'm so happy. It's very cute!

However, he is still on the hook for the ring. Because I'm female and diamonds are my best friend.

So wish me luck in the hunting arena!!! I'm going out Friday night with my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLEWIDEWORLD and then on News Years Eve, my hubby AND my best friend AND me are all going out again!! WOW!!! It's like being single again!

So, if I don't get online again between now & New Years, you know where I am, and I just wanted to tell everyone Happy New Year and be SAFE!!

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