Tuesday, January 01, 2008
steroids rock
I feel FANTABULOUS!!!! I can do anything, say anything, CONQUER THE WORLD.

the only problem is it's 11:15 pm and I'm supposed to be in bed.

steroids suck. BUT!!! They are helping me feel better -- who needs SLEEP!?

Since I'm wide awake, and my man is sawing logs in our bedroom, I thought I'd post a picture of his anniversary gift to me. The only trouble is, he still hasn't downloaded the pictures from the camera from the last 2 weeks. Being the clever individual that I am (because steroids ROCK), I snatched a picture from the 'nets and can now proudly display to you, my anniversary gift:

He got me another Coach Bag!!!!!! For our 9th last year, he got me a patchwork one. I think I'm sensing a pattern here. However, it's a lovely pattern and I hope it continues!!!!

I had a wonderful year if you look at it from a materialistic point of view:

Sold a house I didn't especially like

Bought a bigger house that I like better

Quit high-paying job working with unsavory people (in my little department that is, I miss my old co-workers, like Anonymous Farm Wife and my bestest-friend-that-happens-to-be-a-guy....he knows who he is)

Gained new job that only pays half as much but has not the stress I used to have, and I don't really care if the people I work with likes me or not cause I'm having fun doing it....!!!

Got rockin' Xmas gifts: Roomba, Scooba, Hand-drawn framed pictures by my fav artists...my children....

Got kick-ASS Coach purse that I'd been drooling over for the past 2 months.

Still have a blog where people I care about post to let me know they still read after 2 years!!! (YAY!!!)

Oh yeah. A very good year. Aside from the allergens that is.

I'm happy. I'm looking forward to 2008!

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