Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Something that drives me up...the....wall....
Do you see it??? Do you freaking see it??? It's making me crazy!

Yes. It's a Fed Ex Truck... but LOOK at the Fed Ex emblem. DO YOU SEE IT??

Honestly - I don't know why it bugs the hell out of me.. maybe because someone pointed it out to me once before, and now it's all I see... But Fed Ex paid an assload of money for a graphics person to incorporate an arrow in their logo, and now... it's ... all.. I .. see. (and if you DON'T see it - it's between the 'e' and the 'x'.) I fixate on it when I see one of their trucks on the road. It just bugs me because now my mind trips out on me and I don't even see the words "Fed Ex" anymore. I just see the fucking arrow.

Ok. I think I need to take vitamins or something. I'm just going off on some of the weirdest things lately. But... i DO feel better right now after my vent. Thanks guys!
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