Monday, December 05, 2005
What I did this weekend!
My Christmas Tree. It's about the only damn thing I did this weekend... But I did it, it's done, and now I get to try to decorate the rest of the house. I have 10 storage bins full of decorations & one pissed off husband cause I made him yank them all down from the overhead storage. He'll be even happier when he finds out that I plan to make him put up the outside lights tomorrow...

**Ha! Update - since I typed this yesterday, and didn't get to post it until today - my husband told me to call one of those yard decorating services so that THEY can go outside in the 15 degree weather & make the house Christmassy!

Oh yeah... Linda suggested a Christmas Tree Tag... so I'm tagging:

Pack of 2


Tammy (I actually wanna see what else your dog did to your Christmas decorations now! HAHHAAA)
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