Wednesday, April 12, 2006
I survived the night without my husband, and he is on the way home as I type this! No ghostly visits, AND I even turned the lights out to go to bed!!

I did, however, sneak my 7 year old into the bed with me, so technically... I wasn't by myself!! It seemed to help!

and.. and... and... HE JUST GOT HOME!! YAY!! I'M SAFE!

LOL. You guys have no idea just how big of a weenie I really am. When I tell people that I'm scared to be home alone, their typical response is "So get a security system" or "Make sure your doors are locked!" oh. sure.

Little do they know that I'm not scared of burglers. In fact, should someone try to break into the house, I would welcome them in with open arms. As long as I'm not alone - I'd party with a serial killer. Really.

But he's home now, and I'm so very happy. He's got to go back next week to discuss the money thing, but he seems to be really enthused.... wish us luck!
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