Friday, December 29, 2006
i am HERE!!!
I'm in good ol' San Antonio!!! Holy Crap this place has grown!!! I sorta don't recognize it. But. I still know where most of the stuff is. My husband was amazed how I kept directing him around to places using shortcuts that he didn't know about. HA!! it's MY town!

I was reading over some of your comments below, and it seems some of you are a mite concerned about my wee lil ghostie. I have no clue if this ghost will follow me or not. If it DOES follow me, then I think I will just bow to the majority and enter a mental health facility, because that would mean that I really AM insane. If it stays, then HA and DOUBLE HA and HHAAAAA to the people that buy my house. Didn't know you'd have an occupant... did ya now?!!

Oh, and no. My mom doesn't get freaked out like I do over some piddly little ghost. She's probably scaring the sheet off the ghost right now.... she snores. Loudly. But she's my mom and I love her.

GUESS WHAT!! Tomorrow (which is actually today because it's like.... 2am) my hubby & I are going shopping!! Something about buying me an iPod!! YAY!

We're also going out on the town. SAY!!! Do I have any San Antonio readers?! Just let me know and I'll make sure I post a note about where I'll be tomorrow. We can do some beer drinking. Prolly going to be at the Riverwalk, but hell....who knows with me? I usually end up in the WEIRDEST places.

Ok. I'm off to bed now. BUT FIRST! I must clean up some foamy dog vomit. I'm staying at my sisters house and I think the dog sampled my shampoo. He was looking kinda sick and his mouth was all fresh-scented bubbly and herbal essence-y, then he yakked all over the carpet. I think I need to clean it up before my sister gets pissed.

Adios !!!
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