Sunday, January 07, 2007
Who'da thunk it
Did you know that spankings cause pimp-hos?


Ethan has informed me that I should no longer spank him because it's giving him PIMP-HOS. On his REAR.

He is appalled.

Then I caught him trying to give Avery pimp-hos, so I had to infect him with the possibility of even MORE pimp-hos.

Ashton tried to educate him on the correct pronunciation of "Pimples", but he INSISTS it's Pimp-hos.

And we are ALL at a loss as to why he is acquiring pimp-hos on his rear.

Maybe it's time to change the laundry detergent.

Or maybe it's time to wonder how he noticed pimp-hos on his rear. They weren't there last night, but they are there now. Coincidently, after he got a thumpin' for trying to jam a fork in an electrical outlet....using his baby sister as the guinea pig.

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