Saturday, September 08, 2007
An Open Letter to The Girl in the Bathroom
Dear Girl,

It's your own fault really. I just went into the stall to take a wee. But you just had to come in and use the one next to me while you were on the phone, didn't you? Don't you know how rude that is? YOU might not care if someone hears you rolling the logs, but I do. I mean - I wasn't dropping kids off at the pool or anything, but the temptation to PRETEND was more than I could contain. If you're going to talk to someone while conducting your business, well - I'll just make it my business to entertain your caller as well.

So for you to make noises of embarrassment while I simulated pushing out the mother of all toilet fish was inconsiderate. What if I really was doing the 'doo? What do you expect when you go into a public restroom while on the phone?

I myself was quite pleased with myself. Sorry that the person you were talking to didn't realize you were in the bathroom and you had to explain where you were.


Pssst.....we're going to have a new addition to our family!

Her name is Olivia and she is fuzzy and cute!! My kids don't know yet - so don't tell 'em!! I'll post pics later!

Have a great weekend ya'll!!! SMOOCHES!
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